Trotus Tex acts as the Pilot end-user of technical textiles within the framework of the TRICK project

Production plant in Targo Trotus (Image Credit: Trotus Tex Srl)

As a Grassi 1925-controlled company, TrotusTex Srl was set up in Romania in 2008. Since then, six production plants have been opened whose overall yearly output amounts to approximately 500,000 metres of fabric and almost 1 million garments. This enables TrotusTex Srl to operate as a totally verticalized company, with complete control over the entire manufacturing supply chain, from yarns to finished garments. 

TrotusTex Srl designs, develops and produces technical garments whose various performing features ensure an adequate response to the requirements posed by their designated usage. To satisfy the most diversified customer requirements, 5 Business Units have been identified, ranging from workwear to uniforms, from firefighting apparel to sports and leisurewear. The ability to produce garments that satisfy such a diversified range of needs actually springs from contaminations between the various ambits involved: in fact, the experience acquired in one product category may be useful when it comes to developing a more performing garment in another. Our sole mission: is to ensure safety, comfort, and style to whoever wears our garments every day

Fabric warehouse (Image Credit: Trotus Tex Srl)

In line with the corporate policy of Grassi 1925, TrotuTex has been committed for many years to the development of manufacturing sites that guarantee a high level of product quality and tangible attention to environmental issues. For this reason, the company has obtained ISO 9001 Quality Certification and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification. The latter topic of environmental and social responsibility plays an increasingly important role in the development of new projects and corporate strategies. One example of this is the recent implementation of an accurate analysis of traceability for a new line of apparel. These are the first approaches towards an evaluation of environmental impact for technical apparel, from the extraction of raw materials to product disposal.  


Automatic Cutting Department (Image Credit: Trotus Tex Srl)

Within the framework of the TRICK project, Trotus Tex acts as the Pilot end-user of technical textiles. Thanks to many years of experience in the field, acknowledged by suppliers as well as international partners, Trotus Tex will support the project with enthusiasm and professionalism, to produce increasingly sustainable garments, also in the technical ambit, a most complex industry from this viewpoint, because these garments must always guarantee high performance and quality. Consequently, in the design phase, it is always necessary to bear in mind these important requisites which, in many jobs, play a lifesaving role.  



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