TRICK to participate in the VR Circular Fashion Summit 2022

CFS Venue 2021: Grand Palais Èphémère 3D (Image Credit: lablaco/CFS)

Initiated in 2019, Circular Fashion Summit (CFS) was born as the first collective action summit for fashion, accelerating a digitized circular economy, powered by lablaco technology. Supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030, CFS gathers leaders of change from design, technology, and sustainability to share knowledge, but most importantly to ignite immediate action powered by lablaco’s SPIN web 3 circular fashion platform on three measurable goals: responsible consumption and production (SDG12), industry innovation and Infrastructure (SDG9), and Reduced Inequalities (SDG10).

Well-known as the world’s largest annual VR gathering in fashion, the first CFS VR edition debuted in October 2020 during Paris Fashion Week at the digital twin of Grand Palais— an iconic building home to memorable Chanel shows and part of the history of Paris—it successfully led the way of innovation for the fashion industry during the pandemic. CFS 2020 garnered heads of five main fashion weeks, companies such as Chanel, LVMH, Ferragamo, The North Face, Balenciaga, and H&M, and generated more than 10 million impressions on social media.

2021 Avatars in circular fashion metaverse platform - SPIN (Image Credits: lablaco/CFS)

In 2021, to facilitate the actions further and wider, CFS was hosted on lablaco’s newly launched circular fashion metaverse platform — SPIN, operated with its human-centric avatars, at the digital twin of the historical Grand Palais Éphémère in meta Paris. SPIN will enable everyone to "SPIN" fashion across realities, supporting creators and industry to seamlessly shift from the current KPIs based on consumption, to zero-waste KPIs based on ownership*: Moving away from a disconnected and wasteful fashion system to a new era of Digitized Circular Fashion, powered by a series of tools and technologies for Web 3.0.

Born as a global collective action summit focusing on design, technology and sustainability to accelerate the transition of the fashion industry towards a digitized and connected circular economy, CFS is also set to be the celebration of impactful design, evolutionary partnerships, and opportunities for the fashion industry to transition to a digitized circular economy. It’s a space to implement real solutions and make positive change happen collectively.

*Read Year Zero — Circular Fashion Report 2020 for more information

Circular Fashion Summit Announcement by lablaco logo (Image Credit: lablaco/CFS)

Circular Fashion Summit (CFS) curator, Lablaco, is one of TRICK’s 29 consortium members. Lablaco joined the European Union funded Project Horizon, TRICK, as Circular Fashion partner, by providing end to end Web3 circular retail platform - SPIN, to digitize and connect Piacenza Cashmere products, with end to end transparency from the Alpaca Farms in Perú, to Manufacturing, Retail and Post Consumption level, powered by SPIN’s Internet of Things (IoT) system, that allows to connect and trace products at the item level on the blockchain, allowing take-back programs at scale, to active circular business models, such as recycling, re-sell, rental and more.


In regards to the CFS 2022, TRICK is honoured to be part of the summit’s Catalyst Thought Leadership Panel to share the aim and scope of the project, as well the partners work and visions.

Project coordinator, Alessandro Canepa, highlights:

"The TRICK project is proud to participate in the CFS, a great occasion to share its approach, point of view and potential themes of collaborations with fashion leaders. We hope to get a direct exchange of vision with fashion to drive TRICK research and innovation to provide those tools which the brands, manufacturers, consumers and all the stakeholders of TC value chain expect, to collect transparent data about green practices. The Lablaco community will provide TRICK with a qualified network to run these activities and a stimulating environment to demonstrate its results.”

Anticipating the participation to this year’s CFS and hoping to get a wider perspective of the retailers' needs, expectations and requirements for TRICK’s services and platform development, consortium members, UPC and Lablaco, will prepare and send out a questionnaire that is addressed to the brands participating on the CFS during the first quarter of this year. The results will be compiled and further dissemination activities discussed. For more information, TRICK warmly invites you to sign up to the project’s official newsletter.

TRICK is looking forward to the upcoming events in partnership with Lablaco, creating meaningful transformations in the industry. Also, TRICK would like to invite you to the CFS 2022 and to visit its official website and social media channels in order to learn more about the summit:

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