TRICK Project’s second General Assembly came to a fruitful end in Milan, Italy!

Group photo of TRICK partners (Credit: Alfredo Grassi S.p.A.)

Last week from 29th June to 1st July, the second General Assembly of TRICK project took place in Milan, with all 32 partners gathered together both in-person and online. 

The General Assembly started with a visit to Alfredo Grassi S.p.A., an Italian textile company that has led sustainable innovation since 1925 in technical garments. In TRICK project, TrotusTex Srl owned by Alfredo Grassi S.p.A. in Romania will contribute to pilot development and data collection as the end-user of technical textiles. The presentation and site visiting tour offered us better learning of how Alfredo Grassi S.p.A.’s integrating IoT and innovation into its production, quality control, and logistics can help facilitate the progress toward sustainability. As so as further provide TRICK project pilot implementation in traceability, transparency, and circularity throughout the textile supply chain. The first day ended with substantial sessions on technical and traditional clothing pilot implementation, and Product Environmental Footprint (PEF). 

Alfredo Grassi S.p.A. presentation for TRICK partners (Credits: Sqetch)

TRICK Partners visited Alfredo Grassi (Credits: Sqetch and Alfredo Grassi S.p.A.)

On the second day, the TRICK partners thoroughly reviewed and discussed the technical aspects of Work Packages to monitor tasks of platform implementation, blockchain support for traceability and transparency, and the B2B marketplace integration. TRICK’s Policy briefs were presented to members of the Executive Advisory Board (EAB) who gave external feedbacks and provided insights to ensure the feasibility of developed solutions. 

TRICK Project’s work package presentations (Credits: Sqetch)

The General Assembly reached a fulfilling end on the third day. The TRICK partners aligned on the upcoming project activities, communication & dissemination, and important exchange with other projects.

TRICK would like to express our sincere gratitude to TrotusTex Srl and Alfredo Grassi S.p.A. to host the meeting and for organizing this wonderful General Assembly and to all the partners for joining. And very much looking forward to the collaborative results coming in the near future!