TRICK project participated in the Circular Fashion Summit 2022 - CFS by lablaco

At the end of 2022, TRICK participated in the Circular Fashion Summit - CFS by lablaco, the global collective action summit for fashion, and for advancing a digital circular economy curated by the TRICK’s consortium member lablaco. The CFS Summit 2022 is centred on how phygital technology can connect organisational cultures to the current creative zeitgeist, establish circular models, and also to design inclusively and effectively with the planet in mind.

During the event, visitors gathered in VR at the Grand Palais Éphémère, Paris' digital twin, in the SPIN metaverse with full of feature panels, seminars, networking opportunities, and open discussion. Among them, TRICK is honoured to be presented by the Project Coordinator Alessandro Canepa on the day 3 panel session "Catalyze Action and Progress for Circularity", joint together with professionals from ISKO, GANNI, Fondazione Sozzani, and Vogue Philippines. With the focus on circularity, the panel fosters exchange and shares measures, case studies which creating frameworks for organisations and building meaningful partnership with stakeholders.

Alessandro Canepa emphasised that circularity should be based on the traceability of the value chain, and it’s crucial to provide traceability data to measure the circularity of the flow. As a data collection platform, TRICK supports circularity and traceability, as well as improves supply chain transparency with a dedicated marketplace for affordable services to SMEs in ​​the European textile and fashion sector. TRICK demonstrates not only circularity but also enablers such as Preferential Certificate of Origin (PCO), Product Environmental Footprint (PEF), the health protection compliance, and social and ethical assessment.

The platform will also open to third parties’ certified solutions. The certifications will be saved and secured by blockchain to avoid being changed in the later process, for anti-counterfeiting as well as address the unfair competition. On the other hand, to create a framework and set goals for implementing sustainability and circularity, it’s also crucial to involve all the functions and actors in the value chain, and progressively implement processes, adapt to decision-making as well as raise awareness of the challenge.

In case you’ve missed the CFS summit 2022, TRICK warmly invite you to watch the panel session below: