TRICK project mentioned in AIOTI White Paper on Business Impact of IoT in Manufacturing Industries

Last week on the 13th of July, TRICK’s Project Coordinator Alessandro Canepa (Piacenza) and Carla Fité Galan (UPC) joined an online webinar held by AIOTI (Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation).

The online webinar presented the AIOTI White Paper on Business Impact of IoT in Manufacturing Industries and the use cases. To better learn about how a manufacturing enterprise (SME) can benefit from an industrial IoT solution, the White Paper aims to explain the similarities and differences across these business scenarios in accordance with a standard methodology (the Business Model Navigator) and to facilitate comparative benchmarking analysis. The White Paper also provides examples of the ways that IoT in manufacturing might affect how business models are created.

Our project coordinator Alessandro made a very interesting contribution that was further discussed among the whole audience in the open discussion session. He emphasised the importance of striking a balance between the fact that the majority of the industries in the EU are SMEs that need large data for applying AI but still lack those data. He also highlighted that data sharing could be a suitable solution. However, it's difficult yet to find companies that will share their data for free, making most of the IoT solutions in the manufacturing industries still on a theoretical level. In TRICK, the goal is to enable SMEs to collect secured product data able to provide the final consumers and the stakeholders with all the relevant information for aware purchasing choices. 

TRICK project is included in the White Paper as one of the examples. And TRICK warmly invite you to read the paper and learn more in the following links.

  • AIOTI White Paper, Presentation & Recording of Webinar (website)
  • AIOTI (website)