TRICK project introduced at Techtextil in Frankfurt among HEREWEAR and CISUTAC - two other EU projects at the DITF booth

Image Credits: CTPT

On Wednesday 22nd of June 2022, TRICK project was introduced at the Techtextil fair to a small audience during a special event at the German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research (DITF) booth together with HEREWEAR and CISUTAC projects. All of them EU Horizon 2020 or HORIZON EUROPE funded projects whose consortiums are composed of some common partners. All three projects have as common goal to promote the change towards a circular future in the textile industry in Europe by creating new knowledge and tools.

The session was introduced and moderated by Lutz Walter of Textile ETP and began with the presentation of the HEREWEAR project by Willem Uyttendaele from Centexbel. HEREWEAR project aims to empower local, circular and bio-based textiles. The last achievement of the project were shared to the audience.  

Secondly, TRICK project was introduced by Dieter Stellmach from DITF and Carla Fité from the UPC, who highlighted the importance of having traceability and transparency tools to fight the opaqueness of the textile sector and enhance the communications between the value chain actors. 

Dieter Stellmach (DITF) and Carla Fité (UPC)

Image Credits: CTPT

Dieter Stellmach (DITF) and Carla Fité (UPC) introducing the TRICK Project

Image Credits: CTPT

Finally, Guy Buyle from Centexbel introduced the CISUTAC project, a project that will start this September which aims to find a solution to the current bottlenecks in the transition to circular and sustainable textiles and clothing. The project’s consortium includes worldwide brands and companies covering the entire value chain. 

Collaborations and cooperation between project is key on the path towards circularity. As mentioned by Dieter Stellmach, the three projects share a common goal and each one focuses on a specific are of implementation which are complementary and necessary to reach such ambitious goals. In this context, Guy Buyle introduced a CISUTAC initiative that aims to set up a Textile Circularity Multiplier Initiative starting from a group of like-minded EU projects.

A dedicated workshop bringing the TRICK, HEREWEAR, CISUTAC and possibly other related EU projects and the subscribers of the European Masterclass on Circular and Bio-based Textiles organized by Textile ETP is tentatively planned for the autumn of 2022 in or near Milan, Italy. 

The session ended with a networking catering organized by DITF where the participants took the chance to ask further details of the projects, solve their doubts and make contact with similar initiatives that were attending the discussion.

  • Date, Time, Place, Location: 22/06/2022 from 15:00 to 16:00 at the German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research stand H12 C80 at the Techtextile fair in Frankfurt.
  • Attending Partners: DITF, UPC, TTT, SMI, CTPT, Textile ETP, A.Grassi SpA
  • Audience:  Approx 20 persons, some of them from the following organisations CENTEXBEL, ITA, Ariadne Innovation, Città Studi Biella, Next Technology Tecnotessile, EMPA