TRICK Partners United for the Food General Assembly Meeting

The first Food General Assembly Meeting was held in Catania, Italy from the 19th to the 21st of April, and it was a resounding success! The majority of the project partners attended both in person and online, making it an insightful and engaging event.

Over the course of three consecutive days in Sicily, the partners had the opportunity to discuss data, documents, transformation processes, operational tools, and management steps, all elements necessary for the construction of the food pilot.

On Day 1, the partners had a focused meeting to introduce the food use case for replication. They discussed the traceability data model and the procedures for data collection, and had in-depth discussions on how to replicate the traceability work already presented for the textile use cases. The main purpose was to discuss the components to be tracked on the TRICK platform, and the first discussions settled the bases for the upcoming roadmap of the Food focused meeting.

Kicking Off Day #1 - Credits: UPC

Day 2 saw the discussion continue on how to approach the services to be replicated in food. Thanks to the presence of DAS experts, project partners could better understand how the food supply chain works and what data is key to be included in the replicated services.

Day #2 - Credits: UPC

Day #2 - Credits: Distretto Agrumi di Sicilia (DAS)

The third and final day of the Food General Assembly Meeting was marked by a visit to Eurofood Srl, an Italian citrus processing company located in Capo d'Orlando. During the technical visit, partners saw the extraction operations of the juice from which “pastazzo” originates, a by-product that will be used in the production of biogas and for feeding livestock, the two experimental processes that are objects of the TRICK food pilot and are under the Citrus Production District of Sicily's responsibility.

Credits: Distretto Agrumi di Sicilia (DAS)

A view from Eurofood Srl - Credits: Distretto Agrumi di Sicilia (DAS)

"Pastazzo from Lemons" - Credits: Distretto Agrumi di Sicilia (DAS)

The Food General Assembly Meeting was a productive event, with the TRICK project making significant strides towards creating a more transparent, sustainable, and efficient food supply chain. We are excited about the progress made and the future of TRICK and the food industry as a whole. 

TRICK would like to express its sincere gratitude to its partner DAS for organizing and hosting the meeting, and to all partners who joined in person or online. The collaboration and exchange of ideas during the meeting were inspiring, and we are eagerly awaiting the collaborative results that will come in the near future.

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