The TRICK General Assembly 2023: Highlights from Trondheim, Norway

Image Credits: Domina SRL

The latest edition of the TRICK General Assembly took place on June 27-28, 2023. This year, the scenic city of Trondheim, Norway, served as our backdrop, with our partner SINTEF graciously hosting the assembly.

Day One: Review and Recognize

The first day of the assembly was devoted to reviewing the various work packages of the TRICK project. Partners took turns presenting their updates, discussing both the triumphs and trials experienced to date. This platform for knowledge exchange underlined the essence of our collective effort.

The day also featured a tour around SINTEF's Trondheim facilities. Understanding the broad scope of SINTEF's research pursuits left all partners inspired and invigorated.

To balance the intense discussion sessions, the day concluded with an exploration of the beautiful city of Trondheim and a relaxed dinner at a traditional Norwegian restaurant.

Day Two: Strategize and Streamline

The second day centered on planning the way forward, particularly prioritizing the immediate tasks ahead of the summer break. The assembly included our technology and service providers, research experts, and industry end users, leading to comprehensive discussions on six key services enabled by our platform:

  1. Preferential Certificate of Origin (PCO)
  2. Product Environmental Footprint (PEF)
  3. Circularity Assessment
  4. Health Protection Compliance
  5. Social and Ethical Assessment
  6. A.I. for Anti-counterfeiting

As the assembly came to an end, partners collaboratively outlined the roadmap for the project, effectively setting the pace for the next phase of our journey.

Image Credits: SINTEF

Image Credits: Domina SRL

Gratitude and What's Next?

Our sincere thanks go to SINTEF for their great organization of this event and to all partners who joined, whether in person or online. Your participation and contributions have been fundamental to our shared progress.

While this assembly has drawn to a close, our momentum continues. We look ahead to the coming months with determination and a shared commitment to our project's goals. Stay tuned to our social media channels and subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates, industry events, and news about the project.

Until the next assembly, the TRICK team remains steadfast in our mission: to foster innovation, strengthen collaboration, and realize our shared objectives.