The leader of weaving solutions, Marina Textile, participates as part of the pilot production chain of technical fabrics for TRICK.

Image credit: Marina Textil, SL

Marina Textil S.L. is a company based in Barcelona (Spain) with 20 years of experience in the production of technical fabrics for PPE applications in different sectors of the industry like oil, gas, electric, foundry, and automotive. The solutions provided are always inherently flame resistant, so the worker is safe from the first to the last day of use.

The powerful and highly-versatile production plant of the company allows producing woven, knitted, and laminated fabrics and all kinds of special finishes, all made in Barcelona.

Image credit: Marina Textil, SL: Production line of Marina Textil


Images credit: Marina Textil, SL: Textile quality control

The company’s commitment to the environment may be seen when Marina Textil conducts, research, and develops a new fabric, as well as during the entire manufacturing process. Because Marina Textil understands that sustainable protective fabrics are not just a product, but a whole process.

Fiber selection has led them to look for the best raw materials and to consider alternatives with less impact on the climate. During the weaving phase, using looms with the latest technology, along with optimizing traceability in storage rooms, has led to substantial energy conservation. Their experts are constantly analyzing the dyeing and finishing processes in order to minimize waste.

Seeing how today Marina Textil is a team formed of more than 50 people of different nationalities, passionate about their work and proud to be part of this project, allows them to keep the dream going, so the company keeps growing. The mission is to be prepared to face the future: “We will continue working with our clients and providers with the same strict precision and honesty that we have worked with for the last 20 years”.

The company works in order to protect the people who use the garments produced with their materials. Today, more than 55 countries trust the philosophy and experience of Marina Textil, S.L.

Marina Textil participates in the TRICK project as one of the chain value partners responsible for technical fabric production, starting from weaving and ending on finishing. Thanks to many years of experience in the field, its mission is to support the project to produce more sustainable fabrics, which will fulfill all the restrictive standards and quality, as always done by Marina Textil, so there is guaranteed safety needed for its professional use.



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