The Italian IT provider Domina actively participates in TRICK with the role of Technical Manager and Technical Responsible for the project platform development.

Image Credit: Domina Srl


“Happy to be part of TRICK and to support the adoption of circular economy practises with Blockchain-based solutions” says Stefano Fasana, Domina co-owner and R&D manager


Domina is a software company skilled in data management in different domains: process industry, discrete manufacturing, energy, and consumers’ and end-users’ applications. We have run data management services since 1998 - and we are deeply engaged in the development of innovative and customized software solutions with a focus on SMEs and manufacturing. 


Thanks to its knowledge of manufacturers’ IT systems, Domina contributes to the project’s challenging aims with the role of Technical Manager and Technical Responsible of the Trick platform development, actively participating in the technical tasks. We support the implementation of the Textile and Clothing pilot, the Blockchain design and implementation, and the realization of two services of PCO (Preferential Certificate of Origin) and AI for counterfeiting. Moreover, Domina is committed to the integration of legacy systems with the new IT solutions. Finally, we are responsible for TRICK’s scale-up strategies and for the digital identity and online presence of the project.


Domina has long-lasting experience in EU funded projects, with partnerships in H2020 framework consortiums. Recently we built DOMINA FUTURAE, a group of highly skilled professionals to manage the most cutting-edge research and development activities, including web and mobile developers, computer science engineers skilled in cybersecurity, blockchain experts, user experience experts, web and graphic designers and communication specialists.


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Stefano Fasana: stefano.fasana@domina-biella.it 


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