The Basque software development company CEESA, S.A. participates in the European project TRICK with the role of Support of traceability Development, logistics end user

Image Credits: CEESA, S.A.

Members of the software development department of CEESA, S.A.

CEESA, S.A. has more than 30 years of experience and headquarters in the Basque Country, whose mission is to be the main technological partner of its clients. The company is specialized in optimizing business resources and offering comprehensive solutions to improve business management. To do this, it has two different lines of business:

  • In the first place, CEESA, S.A. has a business advisory department, which offers tax, accounting, and labor advisory services.
  • Secondly, CEESA, S.A. has a software development department, specializing in ERP solutions, as well as other IT solutions such as attendance control, accounting, or vertical solutions.

Image Credits: CEESA, S.A.

CEESA, S.A. headquarters

What makes it unique is the corporate philosophy and use of an adaptive software development model. With these two main characteristics in mind, CEESA, S.A. studies each of the digital ecosystems of its clients, in order to develop unique IT solutions adapted to their needs at all times.

The latter is only possible due to its annual investment in R+D+i, which ensures that it remains at the technological forefront of the sector, being a benchmark in the Spanish territory.

Among the main sectors in which CEESA, S.A. works is the industrial environment, which continues to be a motor for the economy of the Basque Country. In this sense, it has developed IT projects for international companies in both the manufacturing and sales industries. However, it also has extensive experience in the retail sector, more specifically in the textile sector.

In the TRICK project, CEESA will support the development of the platform itself and the circular assessment and PEF services implementation. It will strongly participate in the pilot activities, for the integration of TRICK solutions with industrial legacy systems.



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