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Quadrans Foundation is a non-profit organization established under Swiss jurisdiction in 2018. The Mission of the Foundation is to conduct research and development of Quadrans Blockchain, foster promotion and education towards Blockchain technology and innovative decentralized business models, and encourage a seamless and effective adoption of Quadrans Blockchain across all industries. 

Quadrans is an open-source and public Blockchain designed to support the execution of Smart Contracts across a decentralized digital network. Quadrans shares data (public or encrypted) by combining decentralized business models and industrial automation, accommodating the needs of all stakeholders. 

Quadrans Blockchain has been chosen to be a central technology for the TRICK infrastructure and the Quadrans Team is committed to leading the design and implementation of Blockchain integration and interoperability (Task 3.3). The Foundation is also engaged in the dissemination and raising awareness on the project advancement, communicating the degree of innovation achieved using the most appropriate channels and places.

Quadrans Team

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An early version of Quadrans Blockchain was first deployed to support the business activities of Foodchain S.p.A., the first enterprise that officially adopted Quadrans back in 2016. Since then, Quadrans has been further refined to lead industry deployment and enable traceability, transparency, and authenticity of information across supply chains and in domains such as textile and agribusiness as in the case of the TRICK Project.

The TRICK IT architecture is currently under development and the effort is expected to last 18 months. During this phase, Quadrans Foundation is working on the rollout of Task 3.3 “Infrastructure, design and implementation of Blockchain for integration and interoperability”. 

Following the last technical workshop held at the Italian Customs Agency last March in Rome, Quadrans made progress with the activities for the integration and interoperability by utilizing Truebit, an additional Blockchain enhancement that enables Smart Contracts to securely perform complex computations in standard programming languages, at reduced gas costs on Quadrans Blockchain. Thanks to this solution the infrastructure design and implementation for interoperability can achieve:

  • A cross-chain transaction involving consensus mechanism and smart contracts;
  • Data authenticity, integrity, and provenance to be verified on-chain and cross-chain. 

The Blockchain-based data collection platform that the TRICK Project aims to develop has now reached a crucial design phase.

In addition to the progress made on the IT infrastructure, Quadrans Foundation is also committed to the sustainability goals that the TRICK Project has set out. 

To demonstrate just how much sustainability is an aspect close to the Foundation's core principles, a first Quadrans Blockchain Sustainability Report was recently released showing that, on average, a Quadrans transaction uses up only 0.000013 watts - 20 times less energy than a Google search. Please find the link to the full Quadrans Blockchain Sustainability Report at the end of the article. 

Quadrans Blockchain Sustainability Report

Image Credits: Quadrans Foundation

Through the experience gained from previous use cases and in collaboration with institutions, government agencies, and academic partners from around the world, the Foundation contributes to the development of a Blockchain-based "Distributed Ledger Technology" model that has the potential to change every aspect of the society we live in. 

From the idea's inception to today, the Foundation’s vision has not changed: Quadrans supports the Digital Revolution through the Web3 and decentralized technologies by providing a public, distributed technology as a digital fabric for transparent, efficient, and reliable communication, supporting traceability of information and the establishment of global cross-boundary standards. 




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