Meet the Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency - the regulatory body of the TRICK project, supporting in the fields of traceability, PCO, blockchain development and communication activities.

Image Credit: ADM

The Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM) is the public Authority entrusted with the verification and collection of customs and excise duties in international trade, with the relevant legal disputes, as well as with the management and control of VAT on intra- Community goods circulation.

The ADM contributes to the safety and health of citizens, controlling goods entering the European Union and fighting criminal phenomena such as smuggling, counterfeiting, money laundering and illegal trafficking in arms, drugs, waste, food and medicines that do not comply with the health regulations in force.

In all these activities, the Agency closely co-operates with EU bodies in the framework of the EU development and harmonisation.

Image Credit: ADM

The Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency participates in the TRICK project, providing its specific expertise in the field of traceability. The Agency is the national authority to release the preferential certificate of origin (PCO). Since PCO is used by customs globally to enforce duties and to foster trade relations between EU and Extra-EU countries, the secure product traceability service will provide a standard data backbone on which additional data generated by the other services provided by TRICK can be aggregated. 

In addition, its leading role in the anti-counterfeiting activity, fighting threats to the security and safety of citizens at the national and international level, will provide the TRICK consortium with the expertise on the point of view of the investigations against frauds and false documents and products.

The Agency has invested resources in ICT innovation and organisation to provide a wide range of services to streamline obligations and enhance the quality of its services. The experience gained in the technological field, also through participation in various EU-funded projects, will be made available for the implementation of the project.

As a public authority, it will contribute to TRICK dissemination and communication activities through its introduction in the EU, by correlation with Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union and the World Customs Organization network.