Meet Sistema Moda Italia, contributing to the dissemination and communication of the TRICK results at a national and European level

Sistema Moda Italia’s Team for TRICK (Image Credits: SMI)

Sistema Moda Italia is the National Federation of the Italian Textile-Fashion Industry. As a member of Confindustria Moda and Confindustria, it is one of the world’s largest employers’ organizations, representing the textile, apparel and fashion enterprises in the Western World.

The Federation represents the entire supply chain at a national and international level, speaking with one voice to institutions and public bodies, as well as economic, political, trade-union and social organizations. Sistema Moda Italia represents over 400.000 employees and more than 45.000 enterprises.

The second most principal activity is to support companies in all issues of the Fashion and Textile Industry: both from a technical-regulatory and from an economic-commercial point of view with a focus on activities related to promotion and internationalization. In the end, the Federation organizes through its Areas, events, seminars, conferences and workshops to constantly update its members on all the news of the industry, while creating multiple opportunities for meetings and networking.


View on the building of Sistema Moda Italia (Image Credits: SMI)

In the TRICK project, Sistema Moda Italia will contribute to the creation of a circular economy roadmap by collecting and providing the requirements about the traditional and technical TC sector from its associates and from the liaison with other European organizations by its active participation in Euratex.

The main activities in this project will be the dissemination and communication of the results to its associates and the participation in important textile exhibitions in Europe. Particular attention will be dedicated to the press by organizing press conferences during the above-mentioned fairs and press releases.


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