Meet Partner: The European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing (Textile ETP)

The European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing (Textile ETP) was created in 2004 to match research and innovation needs and priorities of the European industry (represented by companies, associations, and clusters) with the knowledge, scientific and technological capacities of universities, research organizations and technology developers to raise the sector’s competitiveness through intensified collaborative research and innovation.

Through its broad membership base, the Textile ETP aims to represent the research and innovation interests of the entire manufacturing value chain from fibers to final textile-based products, as well as directly allied industries. Since 2013 the Textile ETP has been established as an international non-profit association under Belgian law with its permanent premises based in Brussels

According to our current strategy, adopted in 2018, the Textile ETP acts as (1) Strategic Connector, (2) Think Tank and Advocate, and (3) Intelligence and Funding Access Provider to all our members across Europe.     

As Strategic Connector, the Textile ETP is known as the biggest networking organization for textile research and innovation in Europe. Through our online platform, networking events, and webinars textile innovation experts from across Europe get to know each other, build connections and start collaborations for mutual benefit. Main activities are our annual conference and general assembly, thematic workshops and webinars on a wide range of textile innovation subjects, and our European Masterclasses. 

As Think Thank and Advocate, the Textile ETP develops collectively with its members strategic roadmaps or thematic opinion and position papers. Together with our full members EURATEXTEXTRANETNETFAS, and EU-TEXTILE2030 we engage with European research, innovation, and higher education policymakers to inform them about textile innovation potential and research needs to have them reflected in EU policies and funding programs targeting the textile sector. The Textile ETP also builds partnerships and alliances with other EU-level organizations representing related industries or research communities to develop and advocate joint strategies addressing cross-sectoral innovation policies and programs.

As Intelligence and Funding Access Provider, the Textile ETP provides its members with timely and focused access to information on new textile research and technology developments Europe-wide, as well as EU funding opportunities. The TEPPIES program is our members-only brokerage system to facilitate access to EU funding by supporting our members in forming strong project consortia for successful funding applications. In exceptional cases, the Textile ETP participates directly in EU projects in dissemination, cross-industry collaboration, or coordination roles. All our events and communication channels are at the disposal of our members to disseminate the results of their collaborative research and innovation projects.

For the TRICK project, thanks to its large community covering the entire textile and clothing sector, ETP is in a unique position to steer project dissemination activities into the textile value chain at European level (WP6). A special focus will be the organization of a dedicated workshop for the textile sector and the organization of the final project conference, which may be linked to the Annual Textile ETP Conference, a large-scale event that takes place every year in Brussels and attracts many stakeholders from the entire EU textile industry and research community. More so, ETP will be responsible for Task 7.2 Market analysis and implementation as part of the Dissemination and Communication work package (WP7).