Meet Partner: bAwear-score, Making impact calculations accessible for everyone in the textile supply chain.

bAwear is a young but experienced start-up that has been active since 2019 and was founded on the problem: “Why is it so difficult to access reliable and credible impact calculations for textile products?” Together with their partner SimaPro, bAwear sets a goal to change this.

For them, textile LCA calculations should be accessible, credible and cost-effective. Enabling any company in the supply chain to gain credible insights, make better decisions and support communications around facts and figures. 

That is why bAwear Score provides solutions to create product-level impact transparency. Combining best-in-class LCA software with textile supply chain expertise, we enable manufacturers, brands, retailers and educational institutes to gain impact data insights based on primary and secondary data.

Empowering them to become aware and in control of their product's environmental performance by generating credible data to identify impact hotspots, improve decision-making and a solid foundation for sustainability communications. Fast, efficient and cost-effective.

Currently, bAwear is offering 2 solutions:

YourQuestion - quick and easy to generate insights based on secondary data

The YourQuestion application, enables anyone without extensive textile knowledge to quickly assess and compare the impact of over 80 different textile products with over 30 different materials. Curious to try it for yourself? Schedule a demo and receive 2 free credits!

(Image Credits bAwear)

YourScenario - LCA impact-data-as-a-service based on mainly primary data

YourScenario empowers the users to generate detailed, product-specific insights into the environmental impact of their textile products based on primary data from their supply chains. With the help of bAwear’s data collection tool, the users collect the required data. Once completed, the input data is double-checked and reviewed by bAwear’s experts to ensure completeness and correctness before being processed by SimaPro-powered software. Results are reported in a standard numeric overview or can be reported in customized formats including visualisations and equivalences.


(Image Credits bAwear)


As bAwear believes in transparency and objectivity, our methodology is currently under critical review by the University of Ghent and is expected to be finalized by the end of Q1 2023. Furthermore, bAwear is working hard to include the impact of the use phase in its software which is expected to be finished by the end of this year. 

bAwear is a partner in TRICK thanks to their knowledge in the field of PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) and impact calculations. Anton Luiken from bAwear is participating in a number of technical working groups in order to establish the PEF category rules. This information is essential in the work of TRICK to retrieve the right data from the pilot companies and to calculate the PEF in the right way. bAwear is so to say the short-cut between TRICK and PEF.

In the TRICK project, the role of bAwear is to assist ENEA and other partners in the execution of the pilot projects in textiles companies. This includes the collection of primary data at the companies, the provision of secondary data if essential primary data are not available, the calculation of the PEF's for the selected products and the evaluation of the results.