Meet Partner: ACCUDIRE, the human-digital ecosystem that overcomes the challenges of global trade and shares knowledge about logistics and international shipments.

The human-digital ecosystem that overcomes the challenges of global trade (Image Credits ACCUDIRE)

ACCUDIRE is an innovative project created with the purpose to revolutionise the world of international shipping with an approach of public-private interoperability, territorial and environmental sustainability, anti-counterfeiting, and enhancement of “Made in”. It is a start-up company established in November 2019 that intends to digitise import/export-related document flows by involving all the actors along the global supply chains: exporting companies, carrier and forwarding companies, importing companies, ports, customs, competent authorities, banks and insurance companies.

The aim is to make the entire supply chain less opaque, lengthy and fragmented, fostering dialogue between the parties involved and drastically reducing the costs associated with complex management still made up of lengthy documentary exchanges subject to dispersion and corrections. Thanks to ACCUDIRE, the parties involved can act within a single digital-collaborative cloud-based platform, which guarantees complete interoperability between the players, as well as certainty, immutability and traceability of data thanks to the use of Blockchain and Edge Computing technologies. Specifically, the platform enables:

(a) The digitization of the intra-community truck transport flows, facilitating the rapid and secure passage of administrative and logistical documentation between the parties involved (e-CMR, packing lists, certificates of origin, ...). Digitisation makes it possible to optimise the management of shipments, reducing costs drastically, avoiding penalties and the production of additional alternative documentation, which is difficult and costly to retrieve and is needed by the competent authorities, especially in order to provide certain proof that the goods have been transferred outside the national territory. Thanks to an electronic signature process, digital identity confirmation, geolocation and notarization on Blockchain, it is possible to track the shipment at all stages, ensuring complete reliability and regulatory compliance.

(b) The digitisation of export flows and of the customs file. ACCUDIRE interacts directly with AIDA, software of the Italian Customs Agency, allowing companies to complete digital management of the documents but also more immediate retrieval of the "exit visa." The platform is compliant with fiscal aspects, working in accordance with export controls and trade compliance regulations.

Basically, through its paperless approach and use of blockchain ACCUDIRE ensures traceable and more sustainable shipments, as well as complete digitisation of complex administrative processes.


ACCUDIRE has recently joined TRICK project to provide significant input from the world of logistics and international shippings. Specifically, we will collaborate with companies involved in the import of the raw material and in the export of the finished product and/or its disposal. In addition, we will work closely with ENEA and ADM for the processing of PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) and PCO (Preferential Certificate of Origin) certifications. Our inclusion in TRICK has moved us further toward a traceable, eco-friendly, and paperless approach, completing a project that had been going on for some time: the registration of the LEF (Logistics Environmental Fooprint) label, which certifies consumption control along the supply chain, reflecting perfectly our value proposition.



Our team (re)presenting TRICK at WMF #wemakefuture -Rimini Fair (Image Credits ACCUDIRE)



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