Mai bine contributing to demonstration and pilot implementation activities for TRICK

Image Credits: Mai Bine

Mai bine's vision is a world governed by sound ethical rules and principles, environmentally sustainable and socially equitable. The mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of the local community by implementing projects under a holistic approach on all three dimensions of sustainable development: natural environment, social environment and economic environment.

Mai bine (For the Better) is an organization founded in 2008 in Iași, Romania, aiming at capacity building for sustainable development through initiatives and projects organised and developed in four action areas: education for sustainable development, environmental protection, social green entrepreneurship and civic engagement. Most of the activities undertaken were pioneering locally and/ or even nationally with Mai bine being among the very first (sometimes the only) organization that raised awareness, campaigned, advocated, built alternatives etc. for bicycle use and sustainable mobility, slow food, fair trade, recycling and reusing and later zero waste, circular economy, community-supported agriculture, urban gardening, vegetarianism/ reduction of meat consumption, social economy. Moreover, Mai bine was the main local catalyst for organising protests and other civic actions against gold mining, fracking or for saving trees and other environmental concerns. Through its involvement in the last decade, it now represents the most active regional organization in the field of urban/ human ecology and a reference at the national level both as an environmental organisation and as a social economy actor. Its involvement was awarded and its contribution was officially recognised by several entities/ personalities. 

Mai bine owns two social enterprises: CUIB, a bistro that promotes local and sustainable food and REDU, a clothing and accessories workshop/brand that creates new and improved products out of pre-consumer and post-consumer textile waste. Their entrepreneurial activities are constantly coupled with awareness-raising efforts on the hidden environmental and social costs of both fast fashion and food industries and play an important role in educating the community on ethical alternatives.

Image Credits: Mai bine

Mai bine’s Trick Team Members (left to right: Andrea Sofronea and Elvys Sandu)

In the TRICK project, the Mai Bine team is represented by two long-standing members: Andreea Sofronea (Community Development Facilitator) and Elvys Sandu (Project Manager), strongly contributing to the activities related to demonstration and pilot implementation.

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