Introducing Citrus Production District of Sicily, TRICK’s Food Pilot Partner

Citrus Production District of Sicily Logo (Image Credits: DAS)

Citrus Production District of Sicily is an association that includes, directly and indirectly, hundreds of farms and agencies involved in the citrus production chain in Sicily, Consortia of Protection and associations of quality products (PGI, PDO and Organic), partners from local and territorial authorities, public institutions, research centres, agricultural representatives, etc. It promotes products and related production areas according to a Development Plan of the Department of Productive Activities of the Sicilian Region approved by farms and institutions, through strategic actions able to support the citrus production chain, creating opportunities and supporting a path of innovation, cultural growth, consumer’s health and enterprises income from the production of both fresh and transformed products. 

It is also a facilitator for strategic proposals to institutions and the Regional Government regarding the citrus chain, its cultural growth and the related territories. 

Citrus Production District of Sicily has the fundamental aim of bringing together and enhancing, with the Sicily brand, all types of quality fresh and processed citrus fruits produced on the island, and can therefore develop and share common strategies to support the whole Sicilian citrus fruit chain in terms of production, marketing and processing in Italy and abroad.


Citrus Production District of Sicily/ Citrus PGO and PGI (Image Credits: DAS)

In the TRICK Project, the Citrus Production District of Sicily will provide the testbed for the replication pilot in the food sector.  More in detail, it will provide the requirements of the end-user, the support for the service tuning for food and the demonstration of the replication in the food domain of traceability and PCO, circular assessment and consumer health protection services by TRICK. It will also support the development of the proof of concept of the remaining services provided by TRICK, social and ethical assessment and A.I, for anticounterfeiting.

Finally, it will participate in the collection of the data related to production harvesting and storage conditions, needed for the demonstration of the Addon for predictive shelf-life simulation by Univerlab and exploiting its significant critical mass of associates. The activities of the District will include an active role in the dissemination and communication of TRICK results to promote their adoption through courses, webinars and the presence at sectorial conferences and fairs at national and international levels.

Citrus Production District of Sicily/Orange peels (Pastazzo)  (Image Credits: DAS)


Watch Citrus Production District of Sicily’s institutional video (English) to learn more about the association: