I-Deal Actively Supports Trick in the Add-Ons Service Development and in the Creation of a Project Scale-up Strategy.

Image Credit: i-Deal Srl

The Italian innovative SME will make its skills available to the project in the field of AI

i-Deal is an innovative SME based in Biella, Italy founded in 2012 as the development in form of the corporation of the autonomous activities of its founders Alessandro Canepa and Stefano Fasana, who combine scientific and mathematical skills and IT environment training, alongside textile expertise relative to the design and manufacture of garments. i-Deal’s core business is focused on research and exploitation of Artificial Intelligence in Textile & Clothing and Healthcare domains. 

In the TRICK project, we will exploit our expertise in the design and application of AI models and into complex data analysis, for the design of the anticounterfeiting and shelf-life simulation tool, leading the related task. Moreover, i-Deal will be in charge of the multi-sided service-oriented business agreements and will deal with the project scale-up strategy, according to its past experiences in EU-funded projects.

In fact, i-Deal team has been engaged in several EU projects, providing contributions in IT, algorithm development, and human morphology exploitation. In the Horizon 2020 framework: Falcon, Morpheos, Somatch, and Coala, while we are winners of open calls in MIDIH, GATEKEEPER, Cloudi Factoring, and BonsAPPs projects ecosystems. 



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