HOLONIX, Circular IT solution expert, service developer for the TRICK project.

Holonix Team Members
Image Credits: Holonix

Holonix provides advanced ICT solutions for the manufacturing domain and for the circular economy approach. Holonix solutions are mainly focused on the creation of value from the collection of data from different companies of one or more value chains. The company has extensive experience in collecting, aggregating and analysing data, as well as making them available for the development of added-value services and apps. 

For market solutions, Holonix offers to collect data about products and production environments and aggregate them into formats that are used to create digital representations of the real world and can be used for advanced services supporting all the phases of the product life cycle, including production. More so, Holonix has a wide experience in European projects, having covered roles as coordinator, technical manager, wp and task leader. In addition, the company invests significant effort in research activities in order to innovate its product portfolio. 

In the TRICK project, Holonix is one of the main IT developers, in charge of the management of all the project data. Holonix leads the collection and data management adaptation task and the semantic model and domain-specific ontologies implementation. Holonix will also support the development of the Circular Assessment tool, the PEF (Product Environmental Footprint), Health Protection, and Social end Ethical Assessment. 


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