Eng. Abramo Vincenzi, CEO at ACCUDIRE representing TRICK on the 6th edition of the “Shipping, Forwarding and Logistics Meet Industry” 2022

Eng. Abramo Vincenzi, CEO at ACCUDIRE presenting TRICK (Image Credits: ACCUDIRE)

Dear Community, 

TRICK would like to share with you the news about the 6th edition of Shipping, Forwarding and Logistics Meet Industry that was presented on the 9th, 10th, and 11th of March. The event was organised by Clickutility Team Shipping Cluster (Italian leader in the conception and realisation of B2B events for the sectors of sustainable mobility, logistics, energy, environment and high tech), and promoted by Confetra (Italian General Confederation of Transport and Logistics), Alsea (Lombardy association of freight forwarders and hauliers), and The International Propeller Clubs (Cultural Association which promotes meetings and relations between people involved in maritime, land and air transport): the aim was to propose a comparison between the world of logistics, shipping, and maritime transport and the world of the Italian productive economy. 

Specifically, this year the meeting focused on the relaunch of the entire Italian economic and social systems through the great tool of the PNRR (the Italian plan for recovery). The PNRR is part of the Next Generation EU programme for Italy, and it aims to transform the country and leave a valuable legacy for future generations, thus enabling more robust, sustainable, and inclusive economic growth. 

Eng. Abramo Vincenzi, CEO at ACCUDIRE, had the opportunity to participate in the session dedicated to Digital Logistics, with a speech focused on e-CMR and Blockchain in logistics and international shipments. During the presentation, he was pleased to introduce the TRICK project, highlighting its strong innovative nature and its focus on a circular economy approach and public-private collaboration, picking up on concepts already anticipated during the session by Eng. Laura Castellani, director of the organisation and digital transformation at the Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency.  

Thanks to its platform based on Blockchain and Cloud Computing technologies, ACCUDIRE allows the digitisation of the export-related documents, supporting the circular economy and sustainability through its paperless eco-friendly approach, and providing the entire ecosystem of the European Horizon 2020 TRICK project that is also participated by the Italian Customs Agency, with a concrete contribution from the world of logistics and international shipping along supply chains.


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