CTPT Promotes the TRICK Project Among Textile Companies

Logo CTPT (Image Credits: CTPT)

The Czech Technology Platform for Textiles (ČTPT) is an association of companies and institutions – representatives of the Czech textiles and clothing industry, research and educational institutions as well as related industrial and scientific branches. CTPT’s vision is to see innovation in every business. 

The aim is to create such an innovative environment (both external and internal) in order to enable the qualitative and quantitative growth of innovation activities of Czech textiles and clothing companies, which will result in reinforcing the competitiveness of the entire TCI of the Czech Republic.

CTPT realised in cooperation with its members' strategy analysis and visions for the Czech textile and clothing industry namely: “Strategic Research Agenda” and “Foresight for Research Trends in the Czech Textile and Clothing Industry and Regional Innovation S3 activities”


CTPT Outputs (Image Credits: CTPT)

CTPT is highly interested in the outputs of the material flow analysis of textile products in order to meet the long-term CTPT goals regarding innovations and circular economy. The TRICK project fits well into this interest and thus, the CTPT welcomed the participation in this project. CTPT is involved in the promotion of the TRICK project and seeks to make wider use of the project results in the textile and clothing industry.