Calling for Participation: Retailers Questionnaire

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With one of the highest environmental footprints and risks for human health and society, the textile industry is facing a system level change in order to support sustainable development.

The TRICK project arises from the need of the textile and clothing industry to be more transparent and traceable, easing the transition from linear to circular. TRICK consists on providing a complete, reliable, SME-affordable and standardized platform to support the adoption, tracing and demonstration of sustainable and circular approaches, secured by Blockchain enabling the enterprises to collect product-secured data.

The development of a blockchain-based TRICK platform calls for a detailed set of requirements to understand the user needs and expectations. The textile value chain is complex and involves a lot of different actors. The involvement of different points of view from the textile value chain and the TRICK project stakeholders are essential when working on the definition of requirements for the aimed traceability platform. Specifically for this, we have prepared a questionnaire to get further insights from brand contacts to validate your needs and expectations towards the TRICK project and your involvement in sustainability, circularity, transparency and digitalization.


The Textile & Clothing Value Chain (Image Credits: UPC)


We need your collaboration to move one step closer to circularity.

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The textile system challenges require a system level change with an unprecedented degree of commitment, collaboration and innovation.



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