Boosting textile waste recycling: CNR-STIIMA partner to assure transparency and health protection in the TRICK project

Image Credits: CNR-STIIMA

CNR-STIIMA Team members for TRICK


The National Research Council of Italy (CNR) is the biggest Italian public research organization implementing research and innovation in all scientific disciplines. STIIMA - the Institute of Intelligent Industrial Technologies and Systems for Advanced Manufacturing - is the Institute of CNR devoted to research and development in the manufacturing sector.

The STIIMA headquarter is located in Milano. Other branches with thematic specialisations are in Biella, Lecco and Bari.

Image Credits: CNR-STIIMA

View on CNR-STIIMA Biella and Milan facilities (from left to right, respectively)


The Biella branch is located at the Città Studi university campus, in the Biella textile district and is totally devoted to textile fibre science carrying on research and innovation on textile materials and processes, standardization and technology transfer to the textile sector.

STIIMA Biella deals with the recycling of fibre wastes, innovation and sustainability of industrial processes and with functionalization of textile fibres for conventional (clothes, furniture) and technical applications (composites, construction industry, agriculture, transports, medicine, filtration, protection devices, etc.).

In addition, it offers consultancy and services related to the characterization of raw materials and semi-finished textile products according to national and international regulations and carries out high-level technical training.

STIIMA Biella branch has modern laboratories for the characterization of textile materials at all manufacturing stages (fibres, threads, fabrics and garments) and pilot laboratories for the development of processes stages. 

The five laboratories of the Biella branch facility are reported as the following:

  • Textile Laboratory for physical and mechanical characterization
  • Chemical and Spectroscopic laboratory
  • Microscopy laboratory
  • Biological laboratory
  • Textile High-Technology laboratory

Image Credits: CNR-STIIMA

Microscopy and chemical laboratories (upper figures, from the left); fibre archive and microscope fibre images (lower figures, from the left)


In the STIIMA headquarter, research and innovation activities are carried out on manufacturing enabling technologies and approaches such as robotics and cobots, flexible automation, mechatronics, technologies for the digital factory, micro-manufacturing, machine design and simulation. Research is also conducted on innovative business models and supply chains that, leveraging on the potential of the new technologies, can deliver innovative product services to B2B and B2C customers. In particular, research is focused on manufacturing sustainability through the development of circular business models with high societal impacts, such in the sector of automotive/mobility and food manufacturing.  

The branch of Lecco is specialized in human-centred technology applications, while the branch of Bari focuses on sensors and micromanufacturing processes.

Image Credits: CNR-STIIMA

Intelligent industrial robotics for manufacturing laboratory and de-manufacturing laboratory, (from left, respectively)



STIIMA will participate in the TRICK project with the competencies of two branches: 

  • STIIMA Biella branch will provide scientific support for the best practices of textiles recycling, highlighting the technical solutions related to the health protection of workers, final users and the environment, through quality assessment of materials, processing and final products. STIIMA will take care of the characterization of textile materials and associated chemicals, from the raw state to finished garments. In addition, it will support companies in planning and developing novel and safe products, process innovations, and business strategies to encourage the use of secondary raw materials in both conventional (clothing, home textiles etc..) and technical applications. 

STIIMA Biella will be responsible for the development of the Health protection service.

  • STIIMA Milano branch will provide competence and expertise on innovative business models, circular economy strategies, and inter-regional innovation processes and policies for the circular economy. In particular, STIIMA will participate in the definition of the platform services and the design of the platform business model. 

STIIMA Milano will cover the Innovation Manager role, as well as act as the chair for the Industrial External Advisory Board (EAB) for sustainable and future-proof business. 

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